President Trump

UCLA Basketball Players Thank Pres. Trump For Help After Shoplifting in China

Three UCLA basketball players who were caught shoplifting in China thank President Trump for his help. During a press conference Wednesday morning, college officials say all three players have been suspended indefinitely pending the review process. The trio returned Tuesday after being detained for allegedly stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in China.

Pres. Trump: U.S. is Respected Again in Asia

President Trump is back at the White House, and says his Asia tour was a success. In a tweet Wednesday morning, the president said America is respected again in Asia, and we will see the fruits of his successful trip for many years to come.

Pres. Trump Touts U.S. Trade, Addresses Trade Deficit

President Trump re-affirms his strong message of fair and equal trade for the U.S. following his historic tour of Asia.In a tweet he said all countries will know the rules have changed in regards to trade with the U.S. He also stressed the importance of getting rid of the country’s massive trade deficits.

Pres. Trump Nominates Alex Azar for HHS Secretary

President Trump announces a former pharmaceutical executive to lead the Department of Health and Human services. In a Twitter post the president said he is nominating Alex Azar, adding he will be a star for better health care and lower drug prices.