President Trump

President Trump: Confident NK Will Keep Promises Ahead Of Meeting

President Trump touts how the maximum pressure campaign on North Korea is resulting in a lack of nuclear threats. In a tweet Saturday the President said Pyongyang has not conducted a missile test since November of last year. He claims North Korea has promised not to do so through meetings between the countries, and adds he believes the rogue nation will honor that commitment.

Pres. Trump Works On Agreement To Exempt Australia From Tariffs

President Trump announces he is working on an agreement with the Australian prime minister, to not impose steel or aluminum tariffs on the country. The President took to twitter Friday, saying Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is committed to having a ‘fair and reciprocal’ trade partnership with the U.S.

Oil Industry: Pres. Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plan Adds $590B In Growth

Major players in the energy sector are urging Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to move forward with his offshore drilling plan, and open up federal waters from coast to coast. The American petroleum institute released four studies commissioned by the oil industry Friday, saying the proposal could contribute up to $590 billion to the economy over the next two decades. Despite the economic benefits the plan has been controversial among coastal states. Opponents said drilling would threaten the environment, tourism, and fishing.