President Trump

Pres. Trump touts strong approval rating as economy remains solid

The president takes to Twitter to tout his approval rating. In a tweet Saturday, the president celebrated the findings of the most recent Rasmussen poll, which put his approval at 50%. In a follow up he said “you can add 10 or 15% to this number,” and the “economy is doing better than ever before!” During this time during former president Obama’s term, his approval fell six points lower to 44%.

Pres. Trump: I was not particularly happy about the send her back chant

President Trump addresses his feelings toward the “send her back” chant during his recent North Carolina rally. In a tweet Saturday, the president posted a video form the event when the chant broke out. He said “as you can see, I did nothing to lead people on, nor was I particularly happy with their chant.”During a press conference earlier this week, the president said he “was not happy” when the chant broke out, and said he “disagreed with it.”

WH to hold meeting with tech executives about Huawei ban

The White House appears open to re-evaluating its stance on Huawei, in order to revive trade talks with China. White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will host a meeting about the issue on Monday.Tech executives from companies like Intel and Qualcomm are expected to attend.

Pres. Trump offers to post bail for A$AP Rocky held in Swedish jail

President Trump says he had a very good call with the Swedish prime minister, as he prepares to help get rapper A$AP rocky, out of jail. On Twitter Saturday, the president said he assured the prime minister that Rocky “was not a flight risk” and that he “offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative.” The rapper is facing trial after being held in Swedish custody for nearly two weeks, as prosecutors were granted an extended period to investigate his involvement in an alleged fight.