Tipping Point with Kara McKinney

There comes a moment in every nation, where the people decide WHAT their country will be… WHO will write their legacy… and WHICH direction they will turn… towards or away from freedom. In our nation, it IS that Tipping Point. It is OUR time to accept the responsibility given to us by our forefathers, and turn America towards liberty… or lose it forever.

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About Kara McKinney

Kara McKinney on set of Tipping Point on OANKara McKinney is the conservative host of the political opinion talk show Tipping Point which airs at 7pm/10pm ET every weeknight on One America News. She joined the company back in August of 2017 where she began first as a writer and then as a producer for the newsroom. As a devout Catholic, she remains in awe of the great blessings God has given her with these opportunities.

Kara is a native of the Southern California area, having lived there her whole life. She is proud of the fact she did not attend University, and instead went to community college where she earned associate degrees in Math and Science. When she is not busy fighting the stranglehold leftist Universities have over the minds and wallets of young people, she is excitedly chattering to anyone who will listen about her great loves; politics, theology, history, science, linguistics and more. You can follow her on social media, especially on twitter @Nefertari_25 or the show @TippingPointOAN