Kim Jong Un

Pyongyang Rescinds Invitation To S. Korea Journalists Covering Test Site

North Korea is banning a list of South Korean journalists from attending the dismantlement of its nuclear test site. On Friday, South Korea’s unification minister announced that Pyongyang declined to accept a list of the country’s reporters slated to attend next month’s event. The latest agitation from Pyongyang has left experts wondering if eliminating the test site will even happen.

NSC Member Says Administration Made No Concessions for Detainee Release

NSC’s Victoria Coates Says Administration Made No Concessions for Detainee Release

Dr. Victoria Coates, Senior Director of Strategic Assessments of the president’s National Security Council, told One America News that the administration made no concession in order to obtain the release of the three Americans previously being held by the North Korean regime.  Dr. Coates also said there were no promise of concessions immediately following the release or leading up to the June 12th Summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore.