voter fraud

Election fraud mounts as Dems race the clock

More alleged evidence is pouring in indicating the 2020 general election was conducted fraudulently. Experts suggest foreign interference and the sheer numbers of fraudulent votes in the contested states is sufficient to change the outcome of the election. One America’s Christina Bobb has more from Washington.

What kind of new election reforms are needed?

Following many allegations of fraudulent election activities during the 2020 presidential election, many are asking what lessons have been learned. One America’s Richard Pollock interviewed Preston Bates, an election professional consultant, about his thoughts on where we go from here.

Twitter deletes President Trump’s tweets, threatens permanent suspension

Twitter has taken their censorship to a whole new level by locking the President’s personal account. On Wednesday, the social media giant announced their plan to permanently ban President Trump from the platform unless he deletes three of his tweets from January 6, which called attention to blatant voter fraud and addressed demonstrators on Capitol Hill.

Electoral College finalizes certification of votes

After protesters stormed the nation’s capitol, Congress later reconvened to debate the 2020 Electoral College certification. The congressional joint session was held late Wednesday to tally the presidential votes of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.