House Judiciary Committee

Robert Mueller testifies before Congress

Former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill after years of investigating the Trump campaign and election interference. In his opening remarks with the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Mueller doubled down on his pledge to not go outside the boundaries of his final report.

Rep. Jim Jordan plans questions for Mueller on Steele dossier, FISA warrant

Former special counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to appear before the House Judiciary and Intelligence panels to answer questions next week, and Republicans are ready to give him the grilling of his career. In an exclusive interview with One America’s John Hines, Judiciary Committee member Jim Jordan discussed the infamous Steele dossier and his strategy for Mueller’s upcoming appearance before Congress.

Rep. Nunes: Russia investigation an ‘obstruction of justice trap’

GOP Congressman Devin Nunes says there will be “massive consequences, for the conduct of DOJ official’s during the Russia investigation.” In an interview this week, Nunes called the investigation an “obstruction of justice trap,” that started without evidence of collusion and ended in an “awful situation.” He said this could only be fixed by jailing the people responsible for the so-called hoax.