Delegation of lawmakers visits Mexico, discusses USMCA with Mexican pres.

A delegation of house lawmakers visits Mexico in order to better comprehend the country’s commitment to the USMCA. The group met with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and others Mexican officials Friday to discuss the new trade deal. Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer is reportedly leading the delegation, which also includes GOP Representative George Holding and California Congressman Jimmy Gomez. Gomez said the group saw a “deep commitment” from Mexico in regard to fulfilling the USMCA.

Rep. Justin Amash declares new political affilliation as Independent, leaves GOP

Congressman Justin Amash announces he is leaving the Republican party, saying “modern politics is trapped in a partisan death spiral.” In an op-ed in the Washington Post Thursday, Amash laid out his new values and, new political affiliation. He claimed, recent years have caused him to become “disenchanted and frightened with party politics” and the two party system. Amash said he will now become an independent, and stated he will work to reject divisive loyalties.