Pres. Trump: Sessions didn’t have a clue

President Trump takes another shot at the competency of his former attorney general.Taking to Twitter on Friday, the president wrote “Sessions didn’t have a clue”, in reference to reports which say he was under investigation by his own department while serving as attorney general. According to former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe, agents were investigating Sessions alongside President Trump, over allegations of perjury.Sessions later admitted to meeting with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign, after first denying it.

WATCH: Previewing week ahead in Congress

Republicans in Congress make their priorities clear this week, narrowing their focus on stopping a Democrat election reform package and honoring a Utah mayor and war hero. One America’s Ethan Viveiros has more on the week ahead in Congress.

WATCH: Previewing week Ahead in Congress

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have a busy week ahead as they debate a range of issues from preserving national landmarks, enhancing veterans benefits, and continuing the fight against ISIS. One Americas’s Ethan Viveiros has more.