2020 election

Rep. Cole urges restraint in impeachment proceedings

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) asked his colleagues to practice temperance and not rush to impeach the President. During opening statements Wednesday, he said House Democrats need to think about the task at hand more soberly and recognize they are following a flawed process.

President Trump condemns impeachment efforts

President Trump recently spoke out against Congress’ efforts to impeach him a second time. He communicated with reporters outside the White House on Tuesday, where he called the impeachment “dangerous” and a continuation of the “witch hunt” against his administration.

Joe Biden pledges to defeat the NRA

Joe Biden’s agenda for increased gun control has hit peak intensity after he made his intentions clear to turn Americans’ right to purchase firearms into an over-regulated nightmare, all while opulent politicians are free to keep their armed security.

Congress Weekly Wrap Up

The new Congress faced a challenging first week dominated by Wednesday’s protest on Capitol Hill. One America’s Emily Lambert has more with the weekly Capitol Hill recap.