2020 election

Kamala Harris plunges in new 2020 Democrat poll

As Democrat 2020 hopefuls ramp up campaign efforts to qualify for the next primary debate, a new poll shows Joe Biden still leading the pack and Kamala Harris losing support. One America’s Emerald Robinson has more from the White House.

President Trump to hold rally in N.H.

President Trump will be in New Hampshire for the latest stop in his 2020 re-election campaign. The president will deliver remarks to a crowd of supporters in Manchester Thursday. One America’s Emerald Robinson has more on the Trump 2020 campaign and RNC’s strategy for the key state.

WATCH: Democrat vs. Democrat Socialist

As the 2020 election season gets in full swing, democratic socialist ideas are picking up momentum among progressives. However, it’s important to note how democratic socialists are different than traditional Democrats. One America’s Chloe Salsameda breaks down those differences.