President Trump

Pres. Trump Condemns Iran For Suppressing People, Causing Unrest

President Trump signals he may pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal. In a twitter post earlier this morning, the President said, ‘Iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal the U.S. made with them under the Obama administration.’ He added the people of Iran are suffering miserably at the hands of the country’s leadership, arguing Iranians are hungry for both food and freedom.

Kim Jong Un Claims N. Korea Has Nuclear Deterrent Against U.S., Calls For Dialogue

President Trump is returning to Washington D.C. on Monday and is expected to have a busy week ahead. On Sunday, the President had little to say about the crisis after leader Kim Jong Un warned he plans to wipe out the U.S. During a New Year’s address on the North Korean State T.V., Kim Jong Un claimed North Korea has a nuclear deterrent against a possible U.S. military invasion.

President Trump Condemns Iran Govt, Calls For Unification Against Regime

President Trump voices his support for Iranian citizens following mass anti-government protests throughout the country. The President tweeted about the protests on Sunday which have been described as the largest push-back against the Iranian regime since 2009. President Trump also tweeted portions of his address to the U.N. earlier this year, calling out Iran’s government for implementing oppressive policies on its own people.

Huckabee: Everyone Starting To Lose Patience With AG Jeff Sessions

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee claims everyone is losing patience with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In an interview on Saturday Huckabee said Sessions must do the job he was appointed to do which is to universally enforce the law. Huckabee adds Sessions should be prosecuting Peter Strzok and Bruce Ohr for their roles in the Russia probe, but could be holding off so he is not perceived as having a political bias.

U.S. Condemns The Arrest Of Iranians In Anti-Government Demonstrations

The White House is showing its support for Iranian protesters, saying it strongly condemns the arrests of peaceful demonstrators.The president sent out a tweet on Friday, saying the people of Iran are fed up with their government’s support of terrorism. His tweet reaffirms a state department call to support the Iranian people, as they demand an end to corruption.