Hillary Clinton

DOJ: Mueller Removed FBI Agent From Russia Probe Over Political Bias

New information has come to light, that special counsel Robert Mueller took a top FBI agent off the Russia probe due to the agent’s political bias. Agent Peter Strzok was removed from the case after a Department of Justice investigation revealed he exchanged politically charged text messages with an FBI attorney, criticizing then-candidate Trump and supporting Hillary Clinton.

2016 FBI, Clinton Emails Probe Had Special Status

Newly released documents show the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails was given a “special status” ahead of last year’s presidential election. Documents revealed the investigation was under control of a small team of high-ranking officials. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton criticizes the plans to launch a special counsel probe into her actions.

AG Sessions Calls Collusion Queries ‘Appalling’ and ‘Detestable Lies’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is paving the way for a possible special counsel to investigate Uranium One and Hillary Clinton. In a letter Monday the attorney general directed senior federal prosecutors to look into the sale of Uranium One, unlawful dealings of the Clinton Foundation, and James Comey’s handling of the Clinton email probe and dossier.