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Congress to Have 12 Days to Raise Debt Ceiling or Default On Loans

While Congress enjoys their five week vacation, the speaker of the House prepares for his toughest challenge of raising the country’s debt ceiling. Congress will only have 12 days to work on increasing the country’s debt ceiling, and if they fail it will be the first time the U.S. would default on their loan payments ever before.

House GOP Unveils Website Blasting Mainstream Media Coverage

House Republicans launch a website blasting the media for focusing on “chaos,” rather than their accomplishments made during President Trump’s first 200 days in office. The website called “Did You Know” says the news has not been keeping Americans informed on all the legislation GOP lawmakers have passed in the House.

N. Korea is Developing Mini-Nuclear Warheads for Missiles

U.S. officials are warning the international community that North Korea has successfully developed a miniature-nuclear warhead for it’s intercontinental ballistic missiles. The new data comes from the Defense Intelligence Agency, which completed an assessment of North Korea’s weapons capabilities.

U.S. Envoys Visit Gulf to Mediate Qatar Crisis

U.S. diplomats begin talks with leaders of four Arab countries about resolving the Qatar dispute, and its alleged financing of terrorists. On Monday, retired Marine General Anthony Zinni and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Timothy Lenderking met with Kuwait’s foreign minister to discuss the growing crisis.

DOJ to Create Standards for Forensic Testimony

The Department of Justice will develop guidelines to ensure that forensic testimony meets scientific standards. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the plan Monday, saying the DOJ is fully committed to strengthening forensic science, especially in the courtroom.