White House

WH to hold meeting with tech executives about Huawei ban

The White House appears open to re-evaluating its stance on Huawei, in order to revive trade talks with China. White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will host a meeting about the issue on Monday.Tech executives from companies like Intel and Qualcomm are expected to attend.

Pres. Trump: Democrats must change the loophole and asylum laws

President Trump is criticizing congressional Democrats over their apparent unwillingness to reform the asylum system. The president took to twitter Saturday, to say Democrats must change the loophole and asylum laws, but they probably won’t. He then said they want open borders, which means massive crime and drugs.

Calif. officials reach out to White House, Pentagon for assistance after earthquakes

Officials in California are asking the Trump administration for assistance, following two powerful earthquakes near the city of Ridgecrest. On Friday, officials confirmed Governor Gavin Newsom spoke with the white house about an emergency declaration, to provide federal assistance for Kern and San Bernardino counties. Crews have responded to numerous fires and reports of injuries in the aftermath of the quakes, which hit Thursday and Friday.

2 Protesters arrested in D.C. after flag-burning incident outside WH

Secret service agents apprehend a pair of protesters outside the White House, for allegedly burning an American flag. Reports said members of the “revolutionary communist party” were taken into custody Thursday, in connection with malicious burning, assaulting a police officer, and obstructing a police investigation.

DOJ says it is following Pres. Trump’s orders to find path for census citizenship question

The Department of Justice said it is following the president’s orders to try and find a way to include the citizenship question on the 2020 census, frustrating an Obama appointed district judge. According to court transcripts released Wednesday, Assistant Attorney General Joseph Hunt, said his department was instructed to re-examine the Supreme Court’s decision on the census question, and find “near-term options” to legally add it. Hunt said the DOJ plans to file a motion which will “govern further proceedings.”