Jordanian parliament votes down gas deal with Israel

Jordanian lawmakers are striking down an unpopular gas import deal made between the country’s state owned utility and Israeli gas companies. The Jordanian parliament reportedly proposed a law Sunday, banning gas imports from Israel. The law was passed unanimously with all 130 members in agreement.

Study: Nearly 400K ‘anchor babies’ born in 2019

The number of babies born to illegal immigrants surpassed American births in nearly all 50 states last year. Analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies shows nearly 400,000 so-called ‘anchor babies’ were born in the U.S. in 2019. Data from 2018 reveals about 300,000 ‘anchor babies’ are born here every year.

Armed Texas church guard speaks out about his life-saving actions

The armed guard who quickly took down a gunman inside a Texas church is speaking out about his life-saving actions. Jack Wilson is the man credited with saving the lives of his fellow parishioners by taking down the gunman who opened fire in West Freeway Church of Christ. Two people were killed during the exchange, while another person was injured.