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North Carolina passes new congressional maps

North Carolina is on the cusp of releasing new congressional maps following months of controversy over how the state’s districts were drawn. A report by The News and Observer said legislators approved the maps in the state senate on Friday, which will be used in the 2020 elections.

Senator Burr: Whistleblower’s identity unlikely to be revealed

Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr is saying he doesn’t want the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower to be made public. Talking to reporters on Capitol Hill Thursday, Burr said disclosing the whistleblower’s identity could contradict the Senate’s policy to protect its witnesses. He also said he has never considered revealing who the whistleblower is.

U.S. farmers back President Trump admit trade woes

Many American farmers are reaffirming their support for President Trump’s policy towards China and are calling for a trade deal that’s free and fair. A series of recent reports by the USDA found up to 80 percent of farmers were affected by the China-U.S trade dispute this year, but only a third of the respondents saw their revenue drop by over 20 percent.