Alicia Summers

One-on-One with marriage experts Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo

The coronavirus pandemic has tested marriages across the country with reports showing divorce rates increasing as the health crisis enters it’s third year. Marriage experts Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, also podcast hosts and authors, joined One America’s Alicia Summers to talk more about how the pandemic is impacting marriages.

One-on-One with Fla. State Rep. Blaise Ingoglia

A decision on Joe Biden’s voting right’s legislation is postponed after it survived a major hurdle in the House, but it doesn’t look like it will pass the Senate. One America’s Alicia Summers spoke with Florida Rep. Blaise Ingoglia for more on the matter.

One-on-One with Ariz. Senate candidate Justin Olson

Joe Biden’s approval rating just hit a new low of 33 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac poll, due in part to his COVID response, record high inflation and the ongoing border crisis. The situation at the southern border has turned into a health, safety and humanitarian crisis. Arizona Senate candidate Justin Olson offered some solutions while discussing the issues with OAN’s Alicia Summers.

Ariz. Senate candidate discusses Biden’s blame game on economy

Inflation is at new high as the New Year begins and the Biden administration is blaming large corporations for the soaring prices. This is another example of the blame-game on issues affecting the country under Joe Biden’s watch. Arizona Corporate Commissioner and Senate candidate, Justin Olson joined Alicia Summers to discuss.

One-on-One with Amy Phan West

Amy Pham West is running for Congress to unseat Democrat Katie Porter in California’s newly drawn 45th District. She joined One America’s Alicia Summers to explain how escaping Vietnam inspired her to run.

One-on-One with Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario H. Lopez

The president of the non-profit Hispanic Leadership Fund, Mario H. Lopez, says the Department of Labor is planning to reinstate a controversial fiduciary rule that would hurt low and middle income individuals while also disproportionately impacting African American and Hispanic families. OAN’s Alicia Summers speaks with Lopez for more on the issue.

FILE - This Oct. 26, 2018 file photo shows Lou Barletta in the studio of KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh. Barletta, a former congressman seeking the Republican nomination for governor of Pennsylvania, said on Twitter that he was proud to sign a pledge from a conservative anti-tax Washington-based group that commits him to oppose tax increases. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)

Pa. GOP gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta discusses rising crime rates

At least a dozen cities nationwide are facing historic violent crime rates. One of those cities is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The state has seen 525 murders this year alone. Former Pennsylvania congressman and leading Republican gubernatorial candidate, Lou Barletta joins Alicia Summers to discuss this disturbing spike in violent crime.