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Don Jr. slams ‘collusion truthers’ following end of Mueller probe

The president’s eldest son issues a simple response to the conclusion of the special counsel’s Russia investigation.In a tweet on Friday, Donald Trump Jr. mocked the Left and those out to get President Trump as “collusion truthers.”His reaction came just moments after news broke that Robert Mueller was not blocked from taking any specific actions during his investigation. He went on to slam Democrats and the mainstream media, saying even though it’ll be hard for them to do, they’ll still find a way to spin the news.

U.S.-backed SDF forces declare total territorial defeat of ISIS in Syria

The Islamic State faces “complete territorial defeat,” as the U.S. backed Syrian Democratic Forces liberate Baghouz, marking the defeat of the terror group’s last stronghold in the country.The SDF flag was spotted waving over the region Saturday. In a statement, coalition forces confirmed the end of the terror group’s self-declared caliphate in Syria, which once spanned a third of the country and of neighboring Iraq.This comes after weeks of intense fighting along the Syrian border. The coalition faced fierce resistance from the militants, who dug a network of tunnels in the city and used civilians as human shields.

Kushner cooperating with House Dems, turns over requested docs

White House Senior Adviser “Jared kushner” is cooperating with House Democrats. The president’s son-in-law reportedly turned over some material to the House Judiciary Committee this week.The panel is requesting information related to Kushner’s role in the 2016 Trump campaign, as well as documents relating to the inner workings of the administration. At this point, it remains unclear how extensive the material provided by Kushner is.

Fed. Reserve’s Raphael Bostic: I am open to all possibilities

The Federal Reserve elaborates on claims made earlier this week, adding there is no guarantee they will leave interest rates where they are for the remainder of 2019.In a conference at the San Francisco Fed on Friday, Raphael Bostic, president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve, said all options are still on the table regarding interest rates.This comes after the agency announced a stunning turn around on Wednesday, declaring they will not manipulate rates, despite earlier predictions of at least two increases in 2019. Earlier this week, chairman Jerome Powell had this to say.