New York City

New York Boosts Subway Security in Response to Recent Terror Attempt

City authorities are boosting security throughout the transit network as New Yorkers return to the city’s crowded subway system days after the failed terror attack. While many commuters continue to feel uneasy following the attempted bombing, teams of police armed with rifles are keeping a watchful eye over the nation’s busiest public transportation system.

4 Police Officers Hailed as Heroes, Apprehended NYC Pipe Bomb Suspect

Four police officers receive praise for their courageous efforts to stop the New York City pipe bomb suspect. On Monday, officials described the men as heroes, saying they potentially saved the lives of many people. This comes after the Port Authority police officers ran towards the source of the explosion, navigating a passageway full of smoke and debris.

President Trump: I’m Not Worried About Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea

President Trump said he’s not worried about the guilty plea from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The President spoke briefly outside the White House before departing for a Republican event in New York City. ‘No, I am not and what has been shown, is no collusion. No collusion.” he said. “There’s been absolutely, there’s been absolutely no collusion. So, we are very happy’