Mitch McConnell

Senate to Vote on Tax Reform Bill Nov. 27th

Just hours after the House passed sweeping tax reform, the Senate Finance Committee approved its tax plan, pushing the legislation to the floor for a full vote. The panel approved the measure in a 14-to-12 vote along party lines on Thursday.

Ala. GOP, Religious Leaders Support Judge Roy Moore Amid Criticism

The Alabama Republican party reiterates its support for Senate candidate Roy Moore despite continued efforts to defame him. On Thursday, Congressman Bradley Byrne came forward saying he plans to vote for Judge Moore. He added, the people of Alabama don’t need the mainstream media to “tell them what to do.”

Sen. McConnell: Mueller Does Not Need Congressional Protection

The senate majority leader claims congress will not need to pass a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller during his Russia investigation. During an interview Saturday, Mitch Mcconnell confirmed congress will not impact Mueller’s probe, and believes the White House just wants him to do his job.