Pres. Trump Slams FBI Over Use of Unverified ‘Dossier’ in Russia Probe

President Trump slams the FBI over its use of the infamous “dossier” as a part of its Russia probe. On Twitter Tuesday morning, the president referenced a report from the Washington Times that claims the FBI could not verify the claims made in the dossier, but used it any way as a part of its investigation into alleged Russian meddling.

Sen. Franken Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Senator Al Franken is stepping down from his position amid sexual misconduct allegations. The Democrat announced his resignation from the Senate floor Thursday amid calls for him to step down from more than 30 of his Democrat colleagues, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Donna Brazile: Death of Seth Rich Made Me Fear For My Life

Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazil is promoting her new book in which she speaks out on the Clinton campaign, the hacking of DNC emails, and Seth Rich. Rich was a DNC staffer who was murdered shortly before Wikileaks published thousands of DNC emails, provoking theories surrounding his involvement and death.