Second Woman Says She Was Stalked and Harassed by Sen. Al Franken

Second Woman Says She Was Stalked and Harassed by Sen. Al Franken

A San Francisco based radio show host and journalist named Melanie Morgan says that she was stalked and harassed by Senator Al Franken after a Bill Maher Show appearance on ABC back on August 19, 2000.  Senator Franken was a writer on the show at the time of the alleged harassment.  This accusation comes on the same day another radio personality in Los Angeles, Leann Tweeden, accused the senator of groping and kissing her without permission with a photo as proof of the sexual assault.

No Verdict in Menendez Trial

No Verdict in Menendez Trial, Deliberations to Start from Scratch

Jurors failed to reach a highly anticipated verdict today in the bribery and corruption trail of Democratic Senator Bob Melendez rounding out three full days of deliberation.  The lack of a verdict today sets the jury back in deliberations. Come Monday, the jury will have to begin deliberations from the beginning as an alternate juror takes the place of one who cannot continue due to scheduling.

Donna Brazile: Death of Seth Rich Made Me Fear For My Life

Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazil is promoting her new book in which she speaks out on the Clinton campaign, the hacking of DNC emails, and Seth Rich. Rich was a DNC staffer who was murdered shortly before Wikileaks published thousands of DNC emails, provoking theories surrounding his involvement and death.

DNC Manager Under Fire For Biased Hiring Preference

The Democratic National Committee sparks public outrage over its hiring preference for — quote — “non-white males.” A leaked email regarding eight IT job openings urges staffers to dismiss applications from “cisgender straight white males.”

Fla. Judge Dismisses Fraud Case Against DNC by Sanders Supporters

A federal judge in Florida proclaims the Democratic National Committee can and did rig its own nomination by throwing out a class-action lawsuit brought by Bernie Sanders supporters. The plaintiffs say the DNC committed fraud when leaked emails revealed that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was biased toward Hillary Clinton.