GOP Reps. To Sessions: Do Your Job

GOP representatives call for attorney general Jeff sessions to get control of the Department of Justice, or step aside. Representatives Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan penned an op-ed in the Washington Examiner on this week, questioning whether it is time for a new attorney general.

Planned Parenthood Is Collapsing Due To Financial Issues

A drop in state and federal funding is forcing Planned Parenthood to shut down dozens of locations.
The demise of Planned Parenthood across the U.S. as the nation’s largest provider of abortion services is losing government subsidies. According to a report from the American Life League or ALL, Planned Parenthood closed 32 of its facilities in 2017 due to the declining profitability of its operations. Despite a barrage of pro-choice mainstream media propaganda, as well as support from democrat machine politics, mostly in blue states.