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Pres. Trump, First Lady Visit With Victims of Fla. School Shooting

President Trump arrives in Florida to meet with the victims of the parkland school shooting, and the medical professionals treating them. Accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump Friday, he met with doctors, nurses and patients at Broward Health North hospital where many of the injured are receiving treatment. After speaking with victims, President Trump expressed his sorrow over the week’s events.

McMaster: Now Is Time To Act Against Iran And It’s Network Of Proxies

A senior White House official said it’s time to stand up to Iran and its proxy war in the middle east. On Saturday at the Munich Security Conference, National Security Adviser H.R. Mcmaster said Iran is supporting a network of war surrogates in countries like Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. He added, the Iranian agents are becoming “more and more capable, as Iran gives more and more destructive weapons to them.”

Mexico Helicopter Crash Kills 13 In Wake Of 7.2 Earthquake

A 7.2 earthquake strikes southern Mexico causing some damage near the epicenter. While there were no reported deaths from Friday evenings earthquake, 13 people died Today {sat} after a military helicopter carrying top officials crashed after surveying the damage. The helicopter was carrying interior minister and the governor of Ocaxaca and crashed on top of two vans when attempting to land.