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L.A. Subway System Tests Body Scanners

Officials are testing out body scanners in the Los Angeles subway system to stay ahead of the evolving threat against U.S. transit. The two day pilot program began Wednesday, and is aimed to detect firearms and explosives.

Pres. Trump Calls Out Sen. Graham’s ‘Disgusting Lie’ Over Charlottesville

President Trump unleashes a series of tweets targeting Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and the “fake news” media. The president called Graham a publicity-seeker, and said the South Carolina Senator told disgusting lies about the administrations response to violence in Charlottesville. Meanwhile, VA Secretary David Shulkin defends the president’s comments of denouncing white supremacists and neo-nazis.

Sessions Says Sanctuary City Policies to Blame for Chicago Violence, N.Y. Exec Vetoes Immigration Bill

eff Sessions says sanctuary city policies do more damage to the country than many understand. While speaking from Miami, Florida on Wednesday, the attorney general praised Miami-Dade County as a successful example of lower crime rates thanks to full compliance with federal immigration laws. Meanwhile, a county executive in New York says a new immigration bill would endanger the public by making Westchester a sanctuary county.

Pres. Trump Disbands 2 Economic Advisory Councils

President Trump is pulling the plug on two of his economic advisory councils. In a tweet Wednesday, the president said quote, “rather than putting pressure on the business people of the Manufacturing Council and Strategy and Policy Forum, I am ending both.”