North Korea

John Bolton: North Korea Not Willing to Take Steps to Denuclearize

National Security Adviser John Bolton says President Trump found North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was unwilling to take steps toward denuclearization.His comment on Sunday came after North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister said the Trump administration created an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust that thwarted the Hanoi talks in February.

Satellite images reveal activity at second North Korean launch site

Increased activity around a second missile site in North Korea stokes concern over a possible launch in the near future.Newly released satellite images appear to show vehicles moving around a facility near Pyongyang, where the country assembles most of its ballistic missiles and rockets. It remains unclear at this point, if the possible launch would be for a missile or a satellite rocket.

John Bolton says Vietnam Summit was ‘Unquestionably a Success’

Despite failed negotiations during this year’s summit in Vietnam, National Security Adviser John Bolton reaffirms the meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un “was unquestionably a success.”During an interview on Sunday, Bolton defended the President in “protecting and advancing” American national interests while in Hanoi.