New York

Guns rights case heard by Supreme Court could impact Second Amendment

Supreme Court justices recently heard a case regarding New York’s latest effort to restrict gun ownership. A spokesperson for the Second Amendment Foundation as well as a board member for the Citizens Committee on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms recently caught up with One America’s Stephanie Myers to discuss the details surrounding the case.

N.J. rehabilitation program to clear veterans of non-violent charges

Veterans in Middlesex, New Jersey who have had run-ins with the law will now be able to get help instead of being thrown behind bars. This change is possible thanks to a new rehabilitation program announced, which was announced Monday. The Veteran’s Diversion Program is designed to give service members who have been charged with non-violent crimes a second chance.

Winter storm batters Northeast

The winter storm that dumped snow on half the country is making its way east, but not before battering New England. Snow covered much of Massachusetts Tuesday with some areas receiving more than two feet over the last couple days.

NYC homeless outreach plan faces backlash

New York City residents are criticizing a new plan to reduce homelessness. This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio launched the Outreach NYC initiative to help homeless New Yorkers get access to temporary or permanent housing. It entails city workers finding and reporting on the city’s homeless.

Former ABC producer accused of leaking Amy Robach clip speaks out

It’s been months since accused serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly killed himself inside his New York jail cell yet questions surrounding his death still remain. A leaked clip of ABC anchor Amy Robach recently caused a stir in the media after she said she had information on Epstein three years ago, but the network refused to air it. One America’s Emily Finn has more on the person accused of leaking that hot mic moment and how the American public are demanding answers surrounding Epstein’s death.