New York

President Trump, DOJ request appeals court to block NY tax return subpoena

President Trump and the Justice Department urge a federal appeals court to reverse a lower court’s tax return subpoena. Friday, the DOJ filed an amicus brief in the closely watched case requesting the second circuit block the release of President Trump’s tax returns. It argued the request for personal documents of the president violates the principles of federalism and separation of powers between state and federal levels.

OAN Exclusive: Giuliani may sue Democrats for deliberately engaging in at least 2 ‘frame-ups’

Former New York City mayor Rudolph W.L. Giuliani, who now leads President Donald Trump’s personal legal team, told One America News reporter Neil W. McCabe he is contemplating a massive federal lawsuit against the House of Representatives as an institution and individual Members of Congress. The suit would be filed on behalf of the president and would focus on the misconduct during both the Russian Collusion Hoax and the controversy over the president’s call with the leader of Ukraine. Here’s more.

Mexican foreign minister speaks out on Central American development plans

Mexico’s foreign minister said gaining U.S. support for at least one of its immigration plans, is an important achievement.

Speaking to reporters at the conclusion of the UN General Assembly in New York Friday, the Mexican official said while the U.S. and Mexico have differences, it’s important to work on points of agreement.

Mexico has proposed several development projects to improve the central American economy, in an effort to reduce migration to the north

Venezuela’s Maduro will not attend UN General Assembly

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced he will not be attending the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly later this month. On Thursday, the embattled leader said the executive vice president and the foreign minister will be sent to New York in his place.