Mike Pence

VP Pence: U.S. willing to double tariffs on China if fair trade deal is not made

Vice President Mike Pence vows the U.S. will not change course on tariffs until China makes concessions to alleviate the trade deficit. While speaking at the APEC summit Saturday in Papua New Guinea, Pence warned the U.S. is willing to double its current tariffs on Chinese goods. Current duties affect more than $250 billion worth of products, and may be playing a role in China’s slowing economy.

Pres. Trump meets with pastor Brunson after his release from Turkish custody

President Trump welcomes American pastor Andrew Brunson to the White House, after being released from a Turkish jail he was held in for two years. In the Oval Office Saturday, the president greeted the Brunson family, and told the pastor he can celebrate and rest now that he’s back on U.S. soil. Brunson thanked the president for his efforts to return him home, and said a prayer for him and the country.

VP Pence touts historic progress, urges voters to mobilize

Vice President Mike Pence touts President Trump’s historic progress and urges voters to re-elect GOP majorities in the upcoming midterms. Speaking at the Values Voters summit in D.C. Saturday, the vice president summed up the president’s first two years as a period of actions and results, and promises made and kept. He cited, the Trump administrations historic de-regulation, tax cuts, and revitalization of the economy as well as the restoration of American strength domestically and abroad.