Sen. Durbin sabotaging immigration bill

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin may be sabotaging a bipartisan immigration bill merely to hurt Republicans. The bill in the Senate would eliminate the cap on the number of immigrants who come from certain countries, which would incentivize high-skilled immigration.

Mexican foreign minister speaks out on Central American development plans

Mexico’s foreign minister said gaining U.S. support for at least one of its immigration plans, is an important achievement.

Speaking to reporters at the conclusion of the UN General Assembly in New York Friday, the Mexican official said while the U.S. and Mexico have differences, it’s important to work on points of agreement.

Mexico has proposed several development projects to improve the central American economy, in an effort to reduce migration to the north

White House: More work needed to reduce illegal immigration

The White House has said progress has been made to limit illegal immigration, but more work still needs to be done. Vice President Mike Pence met with Mexico’s foreign affairs secretary Tuesday to discuss the progress Mexico has made to help the U.S. in reducing illegal immigration.