Department of Justice

Robert Mueller testifies before Congress

Former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies on Capitol Hill after years of investigating the Trump campaign and election interference. In his opening remarks with the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, Mueller doubled down on his pledge to not go outside the boundaries of his final report.

DOJ: Mueller must remain within public report boundaries

Anticipation is mounting ahead of Robert Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill as the Department of Justice tells the former special counsel he must remain within the boundaries of his public report. One America’s Marty Golingan has more on what to expect from this week’s hearing.

President Trump: ‘Case Closed’ on Mueller probe

In a message on Twitter Wednesday, President Trump said nothing changes from the Mueller report. He also said there was insufficient evidence and therefore he is innocent. His remarks come after special counsel Robert Mueller made a statement at the Department of Justice in regards to the Russian probe. This comes after two-years of intense questioning by Democrats, who were unable to support their so-called “Russia hoax.” One America’s Emerald Robinson has more reaction from the White House.

Leaking of Trump tax returns could result in fines, federal jail time

President Trump’s tax returns are the center of Democrat attacks, but the story is taking on a new twist. A former Department of Justice attorney and FEC commissioner predicts that it isn’t the president who’s in trouble, but, instead, the media and IRS who may have violated federal law. One America’s Chanel Rion has more from Washington.