Pres. Trump: Democrats must change the loophole and asylum laws

President Trump is criticizing congressional Democrats over their apparent unwillingness to reform the asylum system. The president took to twitter Saturday, to say Democrats must change the loophole and asylum laws, but they probably won’t. He then said they want open borders, which means massive crime and drugs.

Rep. Scalise praises Pres. Trump over economy following release of jobs report

Congressman Steve Scalise is praising President Trump for the successful economy following the release of the jobs report for June. In a tweet Friday, Scalise said the president continues to defy expectations and deliver results for American workers. He then said Democrats need to explain to “everyone with new jobs” and “higher wages,” why they want to take that away with job-killing socialist programs and high taxes.

Pro-life ‘Conscience Protection’ Rule is Delayed Amid Democrat-led Lawsuit

The Trump administration delays a health care rule protecting religious liberty, to fight a lawsuit brought forth by Democrats. On Saturday, The Department of Health and Human Services stated the “conscience protection” rule will be postponed. The legislation would allow health care officials to refuse to perform procedures that go against their beliefs. But various Democrat coalitions allege the act promotes discrimination to patients.

Pres. Trump Praises Florida Sanctuary City Ban

President Trump praises Florida Governor, Ron Desantis, on his latest state legislation, a sanctuary city ban. Saturday, the President said ‘more and more states want to do this, but their governors and leaders don’t have the courage to do so’ in a tweet.