Pres. Trump lists border statistics, asks Democrats to come back to the table

President trump is reaffirming the need for enhanced border security and immigration policy reform. On Twitter Saturday, the president said 23% of federal inmates are illegal immigrants. The president went on to quote other statistics,including the more than 290,000 crimes committed by illegal immigrants in the state of Texas over the last seven years.

Pres. Trump on shutdown: I’m in the WH ready to go, where are the Dems?

The president takes aim at Democrats once again for refusing to negotiate on border security to reopen the government. In a tweet Saturday the president said he “wants to stop the shutdown,” just as soon as Democrats agree to strengthen border security. He also added he “didn’t care” most workers not getting paid are Democrats, saying “I’m in the White House ready to go –where are the Dems?”

Ill. Dem acknowledges compromise needed on border wall debate

At least one Democrat representative says she is willing to meet in the middle when it comes to a border wall. Speaking Friday Iillinois representative Cheri Bustos indicated Democrats may agree to a ‘partial border wall’ — or some form of enhanced security — in order to reopen the government. Bustos said the wall has been talked about for so long it’s more of a symbol at this point.

President Trump speaks on border crisis in WH press briefing room

President trump highlights the need for more border security as the new congress takes over. During a surprise press briefing Thursday, the president said he wants to get a lot done with bipartisan support now that Democrats control the House. He also introduced a number of border security and immigration officials that he had just met.

116TH Congress convenes today

The 116th Congress will convene in Washington, DC Thursday. Democrats will officially take over the House, while Republicans maintain control of the Senate. Several new members of Congress will be sworn-in Thursday, including a record number of women. This comes as the partial government shutdown enters its 13th day, as President Trump continues to fight for border wall funding.