New details on Trump-Comey meeting

A new book is shedding light on the unorthodox practices of fired FBI Director James Comey. The upcoming book by former FBI assistant Josh Campbell reportedly raises new facts about the origins of the Russia probe.

President Trump: Media will forget N.C. wins

In the wake of two congressional wins in North Carolina, President Trump is pointing out supposed hypocrisy in the media’s coverage. He took to Twitter Tuesday, saying CNN and MSNBC were hoping for a big left-wing victory. That is until Dan Bishop and Greg Murphy won both races.

NYT refutes CNN’s Russia spy story

CNN recently touted a bombshell report, only to be debunked by The New York Times. The cable network issued a story Monday, claiming the CIA brought a long-time Kremlin asset home in 2017.

CNN touts OANN during anti-Fox news panel

One America News Network received a shout from one of the most outspoken anti-Trump talk show hosts on TV. Earlier this week on CNN, anchor Don Lemon held a panel on the president’s anti-Fox News tweets. During the discussion, a Daily Beast columnist brought up the president’s new favorite news channel — One America News. While some critics on the panel tried to downplay One America’s rise, others gave the channel some free publicity. One America News CEO Robert Herring took to Twitter, asking “isn’t it nice how generous CNN is?” Here’s how it all played out.