WATCH: Antifa rally turns violent in Portland

President Trump is calling for Antifa to be labeled as a domestic terror group after a rally in Portland turned violent again this weekend. One America’s Jack Posobiec spoke with a reporter from Blaze Media, who was at the rally and captured disturbing footage.

Portland police prepare for possible violence ahead of dueling right and left wing protests

Dozens of businesses are closed and law enforcement is present in Portland, where Antifa is expected to possibly showdown with right-wing demonstrators. Those extra security measures were put in place for a right-wing rally, titled End Domestic Terrorism, taking place Saturday downtown. Local, state, and federal officials have taken extreme precaution in securing the event, as many expect the anti-fascist group known as Antifa to turn up against the demonstration.

WATCH: The rise of Antifa in depth

As political tensions rise around the nation, one group of protesters known as Antifa has gained a reputation for their violent tactics. One America’s Jack Posobiec reports on the group that many are calling to be labeled a terrorist organization.

WATCH: Antifa’s violent communist history exposed

With the attacks on a conservative journalist in Portland, Oregon recently making headlines, new light is being shed on the radical group known as Antifa. One America’s Jack Posobiec sits down with an expert on communism to learn more about the group’s founding principles.