North Korea

Report: Russian Tankers Transferred Oil To North Korean Ships, Violating Sanctions

In direct violation of U.N. sanctions, new reports claim Russian tankers may have supplied fuel to North Korean tankers on at least three separate occasions. In a report published by Reuters Friday, Western European security sources said Russia has been providing an economic lifeline to the rogue state. The sources cited intelligence and satellite imagery to confirm the existence of ship to ship fuel trade between Russia and North Korea.

North Korea: Won’t Give Up Nuclear Agenda Unless U.S. Stops ‘Blackmail’

North Korea says it will not give up it’s nuclear agenda, unless the U.S. stops it’s ‘blackmail’. In a threat made by the isolated regime earlier this Saturday morning, state media said they will never give up their missile program until the U.S. and allies stop conducting war drills near North Korea. The dictatorship went on to say they had taken steps to boost their nuclear capabilities and self-defense.

China's Historical Hesitancy to Crack Down on North Korea

China’s Historical Hesitancy to Crack Down on North Korea

As President Trump calls out China once again for potentially violating U.N. sanctions by providing oil to North Korea, satellite imaging suggests that the rogue regime is preparing for another ballistic missile test.  Though China has been more compliant with sanctions on North Korea under the new administration, historically the country has been hesitant to act against it’s troublesome neighbor.

China Denies Alleged N. Korea Oil Sales

China sends it’s response to President Trump after he called out the country for continuing to trade with North Korea. Despite photographic evidence, China is denying recent reports that it’s continuing to trade with North Korea