Ala. GOP, Religious Leaders Support Judge Roy Moore Amid Criticism

The Alabama Republican party reiterates its support for Senate candidate Roy Moore despite continued efforts to defame him. On Thursday, Congressman Bradley Byrne came forward saying he plans to vote for Judge Moore. He added, the people of Alabama don’t need the mainstream media to “tell them what to do.”

House GOP: Congress Will Give Pres. Trump DACA Fix by End of Year

House Republicans say they plan to deliver President Trump a bi-partisan and humane fix to DACA by the end of this year. GOP leaders spoke out Thursday morning, saying they want to show the American people Congress can work together on this issue. According to them, a majority of their constituents want the U.S. visa system upgraded, more secure borders, and better enforcement of DACA regulations.

Podesta Lobbied For Uranium One, Did Not File as Foreign Agent

A new report claims the Podesta Group did not file as a foreign agent despite lobbying for Uranium One. The Daily Caller News Foundation determined Tony Podesta’s lobbying firm represented the Russia-owned company during the Obama administration, but did not register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

GOP Lawmakers to Pass Immigration Reform Bill Next Year

Top GOP lawmakers say they will bring an immigration overhaul bill to the floor early next year. This comes after President Trump discussed immigration reform with House GOP leaders Thursday. Republicans say their focus on tax reform and confirming President Trump’s nominees does not allow time to pass an immigration bill before the year’s end.