WH: Dem Memo Will Not Be Released Unless Certain Changes Are Made

The White House announces it will not move forward with releasing the Democrat memo, unless certain changes are made. In a letter, White House counsel Don Mcgahn noted, President Trump is unable to declassify the memo at the time, due to concerns regarding classified and especially sensitive passages. The White House called for some redactions to be made before the memo’s release, and asked for the DOJ to assist.

No. 3 at Justice Department Resigns

DOJ officials said Rachel Brand planned her departure for Friday, and will start her career as a Walmart executive. Brand was next in line to oversee Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian meddling, in the event Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is ever removed. In her position, Brand reported directly to Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the investigation. The resignation comes just one week after Brand and Rosenstein received praise from Sessions.

Sen. Graham Calls For Second Special Counsel To Investigate FBI, DOJ

Senator Lindsey Graham says we need a second special counsel to investigate abuses of power at the FBI and Justice Department. During an interview on Friday, Graham said he likes the FBI and the Department of Justice, but, ‘somebody needs to watch the watchers.’ The South Carolina senator has raised concerns in the past about political bias at the FBI and DOJ, but said that the issues pre-date the Mueller probe and the Russia investigation should still continue.

Comey and Lynch Possible Collusion

The text messages shared between FBI Agents Peter Stzrok and Lisa Page are shedding new light on the controversial tarmac meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.

2020 Census Changes Could Change Size of House Delegation for Calif.

California is at risk of losing a seat in the House. As of now, there are 39 Democrats and 14 Republicans. When it comes to total House seats held by each state, California appears to be a winner with 53, however, the ‘Golden State’ is now at risk of losing one of its representatives when the 2020 census is complete.