Pres. Trump: Crack Down On Countries Refusing To Accept Deportees

President Trump is threatening to impose tough new economic sanctions on countries which refuse to accept deportees or crack down on drug smugglers. The President made the remarks at a meeting with top DHS officials Friday, at a Customs and Border Protection Round table in Sterling, Virginia. There, he was briefed by authorities as to which countries are the worst offenders, when it comes to handling removal cases. Officials signaled out several African and Asian nations, including China.

Taxpayers Fund Commercial Flights for Illegal Immigrants to U.S. Cities

U.S. officials say young immigrants who illegally cross over into the country are being relocated to their destination of choice by commercial flights paid for by taxpayers. Officials with the Department of Homeland Security told Judicial Watch last week that young migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border are given taxpayer-funded escorts to their desired location.