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China Agrees to Buy More U.S. Goods in Hopes of Alleviating Trade Tensions

China is agreeing to purchase more U.S. goods in an effort to alleviate trade tensions between the world’s largest economies.

In a joint statement today, the U.S. and China said there was a consensus on taking steps to reduce the trade deficits between the two countries.

China reportedly resisted demands from Washington to cut trade deficits in half, and was hesitant to commit to purchasing more U.S. goods.

President Trump Proclaims National ‘Armed Forces Day’, ‘World Trade Week’

President trump proclaims Saturday national Armed Forces Day, honoring a presidential tradition of recognizing the military originating with Harry Truman in 1950. In a statement Friday, President Trump announced the holiday and thanked the service members who have devoted their lives to protecting American liberties. Armed Forces Day is recognized each year on the third Saturday in May. To celebrate our troops, people are encouraged to wear red, white, and, blue, fly the American flag, and take the time to thank military members in the area.

Pres. Trump Orders Flags to Half-staff to Respect Texas Shooting Victims

President Trump orders all flags in the U.S. to fly at half-staff, due to the deadly shooting at a Texas high school. In a press release Friday, the President announced, the White House flag will be lowered out of respect, and required every public building, including U.S. embassies and military facilities, to do the same. He also asked God to heal the injured, comfort the wounded, and be with the victim’s and their families.

Report: Trump Administration To Unveil Plan For Middle East In June

New reports say the White House is preparing to unveil its plan for peace in the Middle East. The Trump administration’s proposal to address the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is expected to be rolled out in mid to late June. Senior Adviser to the President Jared Kushner and International Negotiations Envoy Jason Greenblatt have reportedly started discussing key elements of the plan with allies, but those details are still unknown.

First Lady Released, Returns to White House After Kidney Operation

First Lady Melania Trump returns to the White House as she continues her recovery from a kidney procedure. The First Lady is back in the executive residence after being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center earlier Saturday. The White House said she is ‘resting comfortably and remains in high spirits’, and thanks everyone who reached out to wish the First Lady well. This comes after, she underwent a successful operation earlier this week.

FBI Informant Who Allegedly Spied on Trump Campaign is Identified

We’re learning more about the alleged FBI informant who the President claims spied on the Trump campaign. This week, the Daily Caller reports the suspected informant is 73-year-old Stefan Halper, a professor at Cambridge University. Reports said the professor met with at least three members of the trump campaign in 2016, including Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.

Moderate Republicans Looking For Bipartisan Immigration Reforms

Moderate Republicans in the house are trying to get a bipartisan immigration bill off the ground. Reports said several GOP lawmakers, who represent Hispanic communities, are gathering signatures to force a house vote on immigration. However, they’re still five votes short of the 25 Republican lawmakers needed to make the vote happen. But, lawmakers say it’s about time congress finally comes together to solve the issue of immigration.