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House Passes Historic Tax Legislation

The House overwhelmingly passed tax legislation, moving the GOP one step closer to giving Americans massive tax cuts. The House approved a large tax overhaul by a 227-to-205 vote. A vast majority of Republicans voted in favor of the bill, while Democrats continued to oppose Republican-led tax reform.

Sen. Franken Accused of Sexual Harassment

A female radio host accuses Democrat Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment. Leeann Tweeden says Franken forcibly kissed her during a USO Holiday Tour rehearsal in the Middle East in 2006. She came forward Thursday, also releasing a photo of Franken grabbing her breasts while she was sleeping on the plane ride back home.

Trump Admin. Likely to Favor Work Requirements for Medicaid Holders

The Trump administration is set to make an unprecedented move, allowing seven states to enforce work requirements for Medicaid recipients. Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, and Wisconsin are expected to submit the waivers. Four of these states previously decided to grant Obamacare Medicaid expansion to low-income residents.