Hostages’ Bodies Found In Gaza As Conflict Intensifies: Updates From The Front Lines

OAN’s Alicia Summers
2:56 PM – Friday, May 17, 2024

Israel announced this morning that the bodies of three hostages abducted from the ‘Nova Music Festival’ on October seventh have been recovered. Their remains were found in a tunnel in Gaza overnight and have been returned to Israel. Among them was 22-year-old Shani Louk.

Meanwhile, in northern Gaza, one of the war’s most intense battles is underway in the northern city of Jabalia. Hamas has regrouped there after Israeli troops left the area after previously gaining operational control. Footage shows face-to-face fighting in the city’s streets, while Israel is ramping up air and artillery strikes. The IDF is now trying to evacuate 150,000 civilians because fighting there has become so volatile.

Moving south, Israel says it plans to deploy more troops for its offensive in Rafah—Hamas’s last stronghold in Gaza. Israel’s foreign minister says troops have already destroyed multiple Hamas tunnels and a training facility there. Last week, Biden threatened to withhold weapons from Israel if they moved forward with a full-scale invasion of Rafah. Despite the ultimatum, Biden is moving forward with a new billion-dollar arms sale this week. Yet the White House paused the shipment of two-thousand-pound bombs, saying they don’t think they should be used in the densely populated area of Rafah.

And in northern Israel, the IDF says Hezbollah launched 75 rockets at Israel today. Israel’s aerial defense system was reportedly able to intercept dozens of them. Foreign policy expert Harley Lippman is on the ground in Israel right now and headed to Gaza, joining OAN’s Alicia Summers to give a first-hand perspective on the latest development in the conflict.

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