Stephanie Myers

One-on-One with GOP Rep. Andy Biggs

Congressional lawmakers have a lot of bills on their plate to consider before Joe Biden gives his speech to a Joint Session of Congress next week. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with Arizona congressman Andy Biggs, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, to discuss some of the pressing issues.

Organization urges Migrant Protection Protocols to be reinstated

Through its Right on Immigration campaign, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is urging the Biden administration to acknowledge the reality of the massive abuse of the country’s asylum system. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with former Congressman John Hostettler who oversees the campaign to discuss the matter.

Black conservatives host press conference to oppose H.R.1 (Part 2)

A group of leading black conservatives voice their opposition to the passage of H.R. 1—“For the People Act” that will soon be taken up by the Senate.

One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with FreedomWorks Senior Fellow, Reverend C.L. Bryant, about the underlying issues within that legislation and the latest developments regarding Georgia’s new election law.

AMW PR CEO on Media’s Treatment of Biden Admin. vs. Trump Admin.

Ever since Joe Biden was inaugurated, a range of issues have taken center stage. This includes the partisan COVID relief package, the humanitarian crisis at the southern border and North Korea’s aggression among others. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the CEO of AMW PR, Adam Weiss, about the way the media report on issues under his watch compared to the Trump administration’s.