Stephanie Myers

America Next launches ad campaign to stop blue state bailout

Conservative public policy organization America Next launches an ad campaign called “Don’t Bail Out Politicians.” One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the honorary chairman of America Next, former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, about the campaign and how it relates to reopening state economies.

One-on-One with GOP Sen. Steve Daines

Montana Sen. Steve Daines spoke with One America’s Stephanie Myers about holding China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic, the HEROES Act and the importance of liability protections once businesses reopen.

Fmr. Rep. Bob Barr urges COVID-19 liability protections

Former Congressman Rep. Bob Barr believes the next COVID-19 legislation should include liability shields to protect businesses from being hit with lawsuits. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the former representative, who explained how it should be modeled after the 2002 SAFETY Act.

Family gives advice on saving money by gardening

Many Americans are looking for ways to save money and make their food last amid the pandemic. According to new data, over 35 million Americans filed for initial unemployment claims over the past eight weeks. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with James and Fredrika Harker, who explained how they’ve saved thousands of dollars each year by gardening.

Funding virus research in U.S. rather than in China

President Trump halted millions of dollars being used to fund virus testing in Wuhan, China. The move has been applauded by many, but some are questioning it. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with physician Dr. Dan O’Brien, who explained the significance of the move.