Stephanie Myers

Bush v. Gore 2000 recount attorney discusses voter fraud

There’s been controversy and concern brewing over mail-in voting as well as instances of election fraud. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with an attorney who participated in the Bush v. Gore 2000 recount, Tom Spencer, about voter fraud and the importance of having nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

PragerU launches ‘PREP’ educational platform

PragerU unveiled its online community designed for parents and educators who are frustrated with what they’re seeing in America’s education system. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the chief of staff and lead of the PREP platform at PragerU, Adrienne Johnson, to learn more about the program.

Expectations ahead of first presidential debate of 2020

President Trump and Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden are set to take the stage for the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with Ronald Reagan biographer and former presidential campaign staffer Craig Shirley to discuss what to expect during the highly anticipated debate.

President Trump unveils ‘America First Healthcare Plan’

President Trump recently unveiled his “America First Healthcare Plan” and signed a series of executive orders to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, end surprise billing and introduce more affordable public options. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with Katy Talento, an epidemiologist and former senior healthcare adviser to President Trump, to get her take on the new plan.

Supreme Court vacancy fuels nationwide discussion

The Supreme Court vacancy is fueling conversations around the country following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the Vice President of the Institute for Constitutional Government at the Heritage Foundation, John Malcolm, to discuss the battle in filling the seat.

President Trump predicts more Gulf nations will normalize ties with Israel

The UAE and Bahrain signed historic agreements to normalize ties with Israel in what’s known as the Abraham Accords. The deal was brokered by President Trump, who expects more Middle Eastern nations to follow suit. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with the president of the Israel Allies Foundation and Director of Knesset Christian Caucus, Josh Reinstein, to discuss the significance of this landmark agreement.