Southern border

Pres. Trump delivers remarks on border wall, offers proposal to Dems

President Trump offers a proposal to Democrats, in an attempt at a compromise to reopen the government. Speaking from the White House, he laid out three main points to address the humanitarian crisis at the border. The president asked for $5.7 billion for a wall along the southern border, to stem the flow of illegal aliens, drugs and violence. In exchange, he offered a three year extension for DACA recipients, as well as a three year extension for those under temporary protective status.

Pres. Trump speaks out on need for border wall ahead of speech

President Trump says he hopes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can come along and realize walls work, ahead of his announcement on the situation at the southern border. The president made the comment before his trip to Dover Air Force Base on Saturday and also said their are too many open areas on the border and stressed everybody knows walls work. He also expressed disappointment in Mexico for not stopping the approaching caravan, and suggested the country is powerless to stop it.

Partial government shutdown enters day 22, longest federal closure in U.S. history

It is officially the longest federal shut down in U.S. history, as the White House and congress continue to be at an impasse over border security. Congress has adjourned until Monday, and there are no signs of a compromise spending deal coming anytime soon. President Trump said he’s holding off for now on declaring a national emergency over the border, and is calling on Democrats to make a deal to end the shutdown.

Caravan forming in Honduras, could be larger than previous attempt

Another migrant caravan is reportedly forming in Honduras. The caravan’s organizers plan to leave for the U.S. sometime next week, and they are using social media as a way to spread the word. Mexico is already sending hundreds of additional law enforcement agents to its southern border, in anticipation of the caravan.