Organization urges Migrant Protection Protocols to be reinstated

Through its Right on Immigration campaign, the Texas Public Policy Foundation is urging the Biden administration to acknowledge the reality of the massive abuse of the country’s asylum system. One America’s Stephanie Myers spoke with former Congressman John Hostettler who oversees the campaign to discuss the matter.

Democrat groups trying to obstruct Ariz. election audit

The Arizona election audit is primed to begin this month, 126 days after the Senate first issued a subpoena. The audit has largely remained a non-partisan effort, but it has garnered a lot of obstruction from Democrat non-profit groups aiming to stall or stop the process. One America’s Christina Bobb has more from Washington.

Conservatives standing ground on free speech

Conservative congressional candidates are now distinguishing themselves as those who will stand up to Democrat bullies. This comes as freedom of speech and expression for conservatives appears to be under attack. One America’s Christina Bobb sat down with Illinois congressional candidate Catalina Lauf to learn more.