North Carolina

Pres. Trump touts strong approval rating as economy remains solid

The president takes to Twitter to tout his approval rating. In a tweet Saturday, the president celebrated the findings of the most recent Rasmussen poll, which put his approval at 50%. In a follow up he said “you can add 10 or 15% to this number,” and the “economy is doing better than ever before!” During this time during former president Obama’s term, his approval fell six points lower to 44%.

Pres. Trump: I was not particularly happy about the send her back chant

President Trump addresses his feelings toward the “send her back” chant during his recent North Carolina rally. In a tweet Saturday, the president posted a video form the event when the chant broke out. He said “as you can see, I did nothing to lead people on, nor was I particularly happy with their chant.”During a press conference earlier this week, the president said he “was not happy” when the chant broke out, and said he “disagreed with it.”