Secretary Pompeo: Escalations from Iran will only lead to further isolation

Iran is set to raise it’s uranium enrichment levels. Reports Saturday reveal the rogue regime will increase its enrichment from 3.6% to 5%. The hike will put the country above the limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal made with six major world powers. President Trump pulled out that deal, saying the country was showing no intention of abiding by the agreement.

Syria’s Assad vows ‘full support’ for Iran after U.K. intercepts tanker

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad vows his full support for Iran, after the UK intercepts an Iranian oil-tanker. In a statement Thursday Assad said Syria fully supports the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation, against, what he calls all acts of aggression. Assad adds, the Ayatollah Regime is fighting to protect its rights, and faces illegal threats by the world powers. His statement comes after British Royal Marines intercepted an Iranian tanker, bound for Syria, in the Gibraltar Strait.