Taliban: We will stop fighting for COVID-19

The Taliban recently announced a ceasefire in the areas of Afghanistan that have been affected by the coronavirus. A spokesperson made the announcement via Twitter, saying the group would stop fighting to allow medical teams to provide health services and aid.

President Trump doesn’t believe former FBI agent Levinson is dead

President Trump recently stated that he doesn’t believe a former FBI agent who has been detained in Iran is now dead. While speaking to reporters at the White House Wednesday, the president said he has not seen credible reports that former agent Robert Levinson is deceased. He added, however, that the situation doesn’t look good.

Iran Elections: Islamic hardliners win in landslide

Islamic radicals appear to be winning in the latest parliamentary elections in Iran, which may pose a problem for U.S. national interest moving forward. Meanwhile, the elections also revealed rising domestic dissent in Iran. One America’s Kristian Rouz explains.