Calif. sheriff supports ICE deportations

One California sheriff said she supports ICE, as they prepare for mass deportations. In an interview Friday, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims noted that ICE is doing their job, and complying with law to remove illegal immigrants who have evaded deportation. She reiterates that these immigrants received due process and went through the court system, but chose to ignore the law and stay in the country illegally. Several California mayors and the state’s governor have reached-out to illegal immigrants, informing them they don’t have to comply with ice officers if they come knocking on their doors.

Calif. officials reach out to White House, Pentagon for assistance after earthquakes

Officials in California are asking the Trump administration for assistance, following two powerful earthquakes near the city of Ridgecrest. On Friday, officials confirmed Governor Gavin Newsom spoke with the white house about an emergency declaration, to provide federal assistance for Kern and San Bernardino counties. Crews have responded to numerous fires and reports of injuries in the aftermath of the quakes, which hit Thursday and Friday.

6.4 Earthquake hits Southern Calif.

The biggest earthquake in 20 years rattles Southern California and parts of Nevada Thursday. The 6.4 quake struck near the Mojave Desert about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, near the town of Ridgecrest, California. Several aftershocks were reported and local fire crews are responding to multiple incidents requiring medical assistance.