U.S. pushes ahead with Taliban peace deal

The U.S. envoy to Afghanistan has signaled Washington’s Taliban peace deal, which was signed in February, will now move forward. On Twitter, Zalmay Khalilzad revealed the status of the deal following his week-long tour, which included stops in Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Qatar where Taliban headquarters are located.

Gang of 8 briefed on Russian bounty intelligence

Top congressional leaders have been briefed on intelligence that Russia allegedly offered bounties to kill American troops in Afghanistan. The director of National Intelligence, along with the heads of the CIA and NSA, met with the Gang of Eight on Thursday.

President Trump: No one in the White House briefed on bounties in Afghanistan

According to President Trump, his top officials were not told about alleged bounties placed on U.S. and coalition troops in Afghanistan.

On Twitter, the president stated “nobody briefed or told me, Vice President Mike Pence or Chief of Staff Mark Meadow about the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan as reported through an anonymous source by the fake news New York Times.”