Report: Wall Street Journal Obtains Unseen Photos Of Bill Gates And Alleged Epstein Victim

(L) Pedestrians walk past the Wall Street Journal building at 1155 6th Avenue May 1, 2007 in New York City. (Photograph by Michael Nagle/Getty Images) / (R) Microsoft co-founder and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Co-Chair, Bill Gates. (Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:01 PM – Monday, December 18, 2023

Years after the notorious sex offender’s conviction, an undisclosed image of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates with one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims appeared in an article that highlighted the financier’s manipulations.


An anonymous Polish model stood smiling alongside Gates, her face hidden under a blue scarf over her neck and a gray jacket across her shoulders. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) revealed how the now-deceased Epstein was responsible for the photograph.

The image, which is thought to be one of the earliest to feature Gates with an alleged Epstein victim, was purportedly taken at Gates’ Seattle office in March 2014 by the dubious financier himself, years after Epstein was found guilty in Florida in 2008 of soliciting and obtaining minors for prostitution.

“In March 2014, Jeffery Epstein took his private jet to Seattle to visit Bill Gates at his office. Epstein brought along a Polish model he had met a few months earlier. Dressed in a long gray coat, she posed for a photo with the Microsoft co-founder. Epstein took the picture,” the WSJ reported.

The billionaire was also seen posing with a Russian model at the financier’s Manhattan home and at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City, according to the publication, which claimed that at least three additional images of Gates with Epstein accusers existed.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the Polish model that appears in the picture with Gates was also pictured with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, former CBS News reporter Charlie Rose, and filmmaker Woody Allen.

Similarly to Epstein, the filmmaker is no stranger to being connected to sexual allegations involving underage girls. Allen has been accused of molestation by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, who claims that he was highly inappropriate with her when she was just 7-years-old. Allen’s ex-girlfriend, actress Mia Farrow, also told the press that she had discovered pornographic photos of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn in Allen’s home when Soon-Yi was just 21-years-old and Allen was 56-years-old.

The WSJ report detailed how Epstein was accused of luring in additional victims by manipulating wealthy and well-connected individuals as he harassed young women with promises of professional development for their careers or by just simply offering them massive cash rewards. The WSJ was reportedly informed by the Polish model that Epstein had offered her “millions of dollars” if she accepted to be the mistress of one of his close friends.

However, she turned down the offer and went back to Poland in 2015.

“My impression is that becoming a mistress was the only one job proposition you were really serious about,” she purportedly wrote to Epstein. “Meeting Gates or Woody was great — thank you — will never forget it — although nobody [will] hire me just because I have a nice pictures with them.”

According to Brad Edwards, who is legally defending the Polish woman alongside law firm partner Brittany Henderson, he told the WSJ, “Without having legitimate connections to so many high-powered people, Jeffrey Epstein would not have been able to traffic most of these women after 2008.”

“He used the powerful people he was intermingling with to further facilitate his sex trafficking scheme, whether those people knew it or not. He was using everyone around him to create this façade of legitimacy,” Edwards continued.

The financier reportedly documented every move he made as well as the conversations between him and his victims, even requiring written thank-you letters from them if he had performed any sort of favor so that they could be used as blackmail or some sort of legal protection, according to the Russian model and Epstein complainant who spoke to the publication.

“It was almost like he was documenting everything, so we can’t go against him,” she said. “If you’re not smiley and positive, he was going to give you a talk, because then you’re acting ungrateful. And those gratitude letters—I’m sure he was using them as just another guarantee that we wouldn’t go against him.”

In response to questions regarding his meetings with Epstein in 2021, Gates informed broadcaster Judy Woodruff in a PBS interview that “I said I regretted having those dinners, and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing new on that.”

A spokesman for Gates also reached out to the WSJ and claimed that “Epstein tried, unsuccessfully, to connect himself to Mr. Gates by any means possible, including spontaneously bringing in people for photos with Bill, whom Bill did not know or interact with further.”

Additionally, Woody Allen expressed a similar sentiment.

“At no time did he ever request I cast anyone in a movie—and I never did it,” Allen maintained.

Towards the end of the piece, the Russian model expressed disappointment and embarrassment after telling the outlet that “After a couple of years in the JE circle, none of us had any legitimate things to add to our résumés, and none of the jobs he promised ever materialized.”

The Russian model and Polish model’s identities have been kept anonymous.

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