Haiti: Missionary Daughter And Son-In-Law Of GOP Missouri Representative Shot Dead During Gang Attack

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on March 20, 2024. (Photo by CLARENS SIFFROY/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
4:37 PM – Friday, May 24, 2024

Ben Baker, a Republican politician from Missouri, sadly lost his daughter and son-in-law in Haiti while the two were serving as missionaries in the dangerous third-world country.


Representative Baker (R-Mo.) posted the tragic news on social media. He explained that gangs had attacked his son-in-law, Davy, 24, and daughter, Natalie, 21, on Thursday night.

A 20-year-old Haitian named Jude Montis also perished in the violent attack.

“Words seem empty right now…Our hearts are broken. This is the hardest thing we have ever done. We’re grieving, but we want Davy and Natalie’s story to be told because it deserves to be told. They were the perfect example of a life of putting others before self. A life of loving people so deeply that you would give your life for them even if some of them were full of hate. This level of selflessness is so rare to see especially in young people their age. They loved Haiti, it was their heart. The first time Natalie visited she came back and said ‘I fell in Love with Haiti!” That love and devotion and determination defined them and their actions. Their sacrificial lives will live on for generations. Pray for us we need strength and pray for the Lloyd family as well.”

Following previous attacks in February, when gunmen took over police stations and the airport in the country’s capital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti fell further into anarchy.

The compassionate couple had provided an update on their travel situation while working for Missions in Haiti, which was founded by David’s parents.

The missionary organization said on social media that after leaving church, the two were ambushed by a group of three trucks carrying gun-brandishing gang members. The organization said that “Davy,” along with his wife, was brought to an unknown house, restrained, and beaten, while the group of men stole their trucks and everything else they had on them.

The charity continued, explaining that after one of the gangs departed the area, another one showed up, with one member shot and killed, which made all the men go into “full attack mode.”

“So they are holed up in there, the gangs has shot all the windows out of the house and continue to shoot. Their lives are in danger. I have been trying all my contacts to get a police armored car there to evacuate them out to safety but can’t get anyone to do. I also am trying to negotiate with the gang so how much $ to stand down and let them leave and get to safety,” a Haitian charity representative said.

Sadly, the organization later revealed in a statement a few hours later that the couple had been shot and killed by the gang, and that they were all inconsolable over their loss.

Meanwhile, former 45th President Donald Trump commented on the news and expressed his condolences to Baker.

“God bless Davy and Natalie. Such a tragedy. Haiti is totally out of control. Find the killers NOW!!!”

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