Court Report: 187 Names On Epstein List To Be Released Today, Remaining Names Dropping On 22nd

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OAN’s Brooke Mallory
2:09 PM – Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The court that is in possession of the Jeffrey Epstein client documents has verified that the anticipated list of 187 names of Epstein’s acquaintances and colleagues will be made public, with the starting names appearing publicly today.


The list is a component of a settled case that Virginia Giuffre, a previous Epstein victim, filed against Ghislaine Maxwell. Although the matter was resolved in 2017, Giuffre and several others have long demanded that the identities be made public.

Maxwell, 62, was subsequently found guilty of sex trafficking and given a 20-year jail sentence.

However, one of the women involved, described as “Jane Doe 107,” has been offered a 30-day extension due to her argument that she will be in danger if her identity is unveiled to the public. Her request has thrown the procedure into disarray.

Together with documentation of the “hate mail” she has claimed to have received, the woman must provide an affidavit attesting to the risk that she fears she will face.

“As Doe 107 has previously stated, she lives in a culturally conservative country and lives in fear of her name being released,” said attorney Richard Levitt.

Judge Loretta Preska approved her attorney’s request for 30 days so that he may submit further “submissions” on Doe’s behalf. District Executive for the Southern District of New York, Ed Friedland, said that she and at least one other individual would remain anonymous until January 22nd, but the others on the list will be identified by then.

Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton, who both traveled aboard Epstein’s notorious private plane “Lolita Express,” are anticipated to be mentioned.

The list includes the names of 187 individuals who were referenced in a Virginia Giuffre lawsuit filed in 2015 against Maxwell.

The names of those engaged in the case have been safeguarded for years, with many Americans highlighting the case as an example of how powerful public figures do not have to answer to the same laws as common citizens.

On December 18th, Judge Preska granted the motions of media outlets as well as Giuffre, stating that the parties mentioned were no longer able to be legally protected. She agreed to finally unseal them to the public.

Another notable individual who is in favor of their release is Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s former attorney.

“The reason I wanted everything put out– and I don’t think the judge put everything out, I think she was selective in what she put out and that’s unfair,” Dershowitz said. ‘…I wanted them out for personal reasons because I know that they would prove what I’ve said from day one, that I did nothing wrong, and the woman who accused me later admitted that she may have misidentified me, confused me with someone else.”

Maxwell, who is still incarcerated on charges of sex trafficking, has not responded to inquiries about the list or its impending publication.

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