Robert Mueller

No. 3 at Justice Department Resigns

DOJ officials said Rachel Brand planned her departure for Friday, and will start her career as a Walmart executive. Brand was next in line to oversee Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian meddling, in the event Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is ever removed. In her position, Brand reported directly to Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the investigation. The resignation comes just one week after Brand and Rosenstein received praise from Sessions.

WH Deputy Secy On Possible Deputy AG Firing: ‘We Expect No Changes’

White House officials assure the public that President Trump is not currently considering whether to Fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. During an interview on Friday Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah reaffirmed the white house confidence in Rosenstein, after the President declined to give reporters a definitive answer on the matter.

WATCH: Mueller Team’s Conflicts Of Interest

The Mueller team appears to be in the home stretch of its investigation, but many people still question the impartiality of many of the prosecutors. One America’s Alex Salvi takes a look at potential conflicts of interest, and why you should be concerned regardless of your political affiliation.

GOP Reps. To Sessions: Do Your Job

GOP representatives call for attorney general Jeff sessions to get control of the Department of Justice, or step aside. Representatives Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan penned an op-ed in the Washington Examiner on this week, questioning whether it is time for a new attorney general.