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Pres. Trump Speaks to Macron, May About Friday’s Strikes in Syria

President Trump speaks to the leaders of France and the U.K. following the military strikes in Syria. A pair of White House readouts indicated President Trump spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Theresa May Saturday about Friday’s operations. The leaders reaffirmed the success of the military strikes and the joint effort to curb Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons. They also discussed what needs to happen next, including the importance of stabilizing Syria and ensure the defeat of ISIS

Pres. Trump Thanks U.K., France for U.S.- led Precision Airstrikes

President trump is praising the successful air strikes executed in Syria by the United Kingdom, France, and the U.S. military. The President said in a tweet Saturday, thank you to France and the united kingdom for their wisdom, and the power of their fine military. He added, he could not have had a better result, to which he declared “mission accomplished.” The President’s tweet comes after a surprise strike Friday, and condemnation of Russia and Iran, for their actions and assistance to the Assad government.

AMB. Haley: If Poisonous Gas is Used Again, The U.S. is Locked and Loaded

The UN security council holds an emergency meeting after the Syria air strikes. Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council Saturday the overall U.S. Syrian strategy has not changed, but the Assad government forced the U.S. to take action. Haley also thanked the UK and France for their assistance, saying the U.S. worked lock-step with both nations.

Putin: Air Strikes are Acts of Aggression

Russian President Vladimir Putin reacts to Friday’s air strikes in Syria, calling them acts of aggression. Putin condemned the strikes Saturday and said the actions by the U.S., France, and UK will be destructive for international relations. The Russian president has since called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the recent events.

Sources: Rep. McCarthy Seeking to Replace Speaker Ryan

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is reportedly talking about a potential bid to replace outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan. According to sources, the California representative told the President he wants the job. Paul Ryan publicly backed McCarthy in an interview saying he thinks he is the right person for the position.

Senate Fast-tracks Pres. Trump’s Military Nominees As Dems Stall

The senate fast-tracks President Trump’s military picks, ahead of precision missile strikes in Syria. On April 17th, Admiral Phillip Davidson and general Terrence J. O’shaughnessy will testify before the armed forces committee. If confirmed, they will lead the U.S. pacific command and northern command respectively.